Tom van der Maas, M.A., is deputy managing director ECP-EPN | Platform for the information society since June 2006, with as main focus of attention the diminishing of generic factors that hamper the implementation of IT in society. He held various positions in the field of communication and public affairs.

After having finished his studies of psychology Van der Maas started working as a radio programme maker for the Dutch broadcasting corporation AVRO, after which he worked for the trade union confederation, Vakcentrale MHP. During the first so-called 'purple' cabinet (liberals and social democrats working together 1994-1998) he was Head of the Information Service of the VVD-party, the liberal party in the Dutch Parliament.

Thereafter he was appointed as Head Communications with Berenschot Management Consultants, a well know Dutch consultancy firm. He advised the Minister of the Department of Education and Science, Hermans, on the Kennisnet Project, aimed at introducing internet in primary and secondary schools. In 2003 he was at this Ministry the political advisor to the State Secretary, Mrs. Nijs. Before he became deputy managing director of ECP-EPN he was Head Communications of the employers' organization in the technological industry, FME.

He was coeditor/author of Stemmen in Stromenland. De verkiezingen van 1998 nader bekeken; De Wandelgang. Lobbyen in de politiek (2001); Het Brussels Labyrint. Hoe Nederlanders lobbyen in Europa (2004), three books about politics and public affairs. In 2006 he coordinated the issuing of Zuiver op de graat, a collection of essays on integrity in politics, in public enterprise, in trade and industry and in journalism.