After starting his career in the IT organization of AT&T Network Systems (now Alcatel-Lucent), Paul Teeuwen joined KPMG Nolan Norton, where he was a Senior Consultant in Business and IT Strategy. His consulting work has always been based on the maturity model of the Nolan stages theory. Since 1998 Paul is an independent consultant in IT Strategy and IT Architecture, performing a wide range of consulting work, including leading Architecture departments in interim positions. Recently he has been focusing on the role that IT Architects have in Organisational Change. Paul is a member of the organising committee of the Enterprise Architecture Conference in London and during seven years of the Dutch Architecture Conference; he also was the chairman of the 50th Jubilee committee of the Dutch Computer Society (NGI). Paul was awarded the Dutch NAF-medal in 2009 for exceptional contribution to the Enterprise Architecture Community. He is the author of various contributions in professional journals, a.o. for the Cutter Consortium EA practice.