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Opening Session
Session 1+2
Session 3+4
Session 5+6
Session 7+8
Session 9-11

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Session Speaker Title
Session 2, Stream 1 Philip Treleaven Do we understand what we have created?
Session 2, Stream 2 Nicole Ellison Social media — an irreversible innovation?
Session 2, Stream 2 Pavan Duggal Social media — an irreversible innovation? some legal perspectives
Session 2, Stream 2 Thilo Weichert Illegal Data Processing as a Business Modell – the Facebook Case
Session 2, Stream 3 Shaifubahrim Mohd Saleh ICT Work Place in 2020
Session 2, Stream 3 Amirudin bin Abdul Wahab Under Secretary, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) Malaysia
Session 3, Stream 1 Zoltán Précsényi Government Affairs Manager EMEA, Symantec
Session 3, Stream 2 Ian Ritchie Fostering innovation
Session 3, Stream 2 Reinhard Posch Fostering ICT innovation – what role can governments play?
Session 3, Stream 3 Venkataraman Balaji ICT Capacity Building:Game Changers on the Horizon?
Session 3, Stream 3 Robert Atkinson ICT capacity building and economic growth
Session 3, Stream 3 Stephen Ibaraki Models for ICT Innovation and Capacity Building as a driver for economic Growth
Session 4 Leon Strous
Nicola Villa
Euro Beinat
Nico Baken
Smart cities and our daily life
Session 5, Stream 2 Wim van der Stelt Springer’s menu of Open Access flavors
Session 5, Stream 2 Alicia Wise A Discussion on Open Access
Session 5, Stream 3 Ronald Paans Risk Management: Our Research Topic
Session 5, Stream 3 Abbas Shahim Security and risk management practices. Then, now and in the future...
Session 6, Stream 1 Simon Davies Software Patents and Innovation
Session 6, Stream 2 Manfred Broy Cyber-Physical Systems: From Embedded Systems to Real World Aware Services in the Cloud Challenges for Engineering and Systems Modeling
Session 6, Stream 2 Ignacio Llorente OpenNebula Unleashing the Potential for Innovation of Cloud Computing
Session 6, Stream 3 Ben Smith and Joel Nation Building a sustainable workforce towards 2020
Session 6, Stream 3 Brent McLean Building a Workforce towards 2020
Session 7 Yang-hee Choi Future of Internet Digital Mind
Session 8 Jeroen Tas The Connected Company
Session 8 Peter Denning A Quick Guide to Innovation for Leadersn
Session 8 Alain Chesnais Examples of Innovation in SME’s
Session 9, Stream 1 Frans Marx To Change
Session 9, Stream 1 Karen Evans Privacy Regulation: Many vs. One?
Session 9, Stream 2 Mannava Sivakumar How can ICTs help to address the potential food supply problems towards 2020?
Session 9, Stream 2 Vikas Nath Can ICT address water supply problems towards 2020?
Session 9, Stream 2 Arie Hasman How ICT can help to address potential healthcare problems towards 2020
Session 9, Stream 2 Rattan Datta How ICT can help Address Global Warming Problem Towards 2020 ?
Session 9, Stream 3 André Richier e-Skills and ICT Professionalism
Session 9, Stream 3 Werner Korte ICT practitioners and professionals - Demand and Supply 2012-2020 and the ‘certification jungle’
Session 9, Stream 3 Dudley Dolan CEN Workshop on ICT Skills
Session 9, Stream 3 Heidi Cigan The Grand Coalition for ICT skills and jobs: a multi-stakeholder partnership
Session 9, Stream 3 Fiona Fanning Professional e-Competence in Europe
Session 9, Stream 3 Stephen McLaughlin Considerations in developing a European framework for ICT professionalism
Session 9, Stream 4 Roy Osinga Improving the performance of companies with skills
Session 10,
Stream 1
Ravishankar Iyer A Data Driven Approach to Secure Computing
Session 10,
Stream 1
Anupam Datta Privacy, Audit and Accountability
Session 10,
Stream 2
Larry Johnson Horizon – The New Media Consortium
Session 11 John Morton Is Big Data enabling  healthcare, or a distraction?
Session 11 Jan de Boer Accelerating Innovation: the power of the crowd